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The Nature Gatherer

Welcome! This is your guide to how human culture can help rescue biodiversity.

Nature has long shaped human societies. That deep and ancient link, though strained, is far from broken.

If you want to join me, Chris Baraniuk (not the iguana), on my quest to understand how this relationship can help us save the natural world, don't hesitate to sign up :)

Recent Posts

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When wild animals in our midst become celebrities

A very short piece for you this week, inspired by the story of Barry the owl, a much-loved and nonchalant female barred owl from Central Park in New York.

A brown and white owl sitting on a branch, looking at the camera.
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In search of silence

Human civilisation is loud. And it has been getting louder for millennia. As our population has grown, our towns and cities have expanded.

A film photograph of a snowy, desolate landscape with trees and a couple of snow-covered buildings in the distance.
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The nature experiences that stay with us forever

Late on Tuesday night last week, I was scrolling absent-mindedly through Twitter when an unusual request caught my eye...

A dark navy coloured whale fluke viewed from behind, with a curtain of sea water dripping off it. In a wide, calm sea.